The image is artifical. The stress is real.

We provide courses to help you understand mental health.

Sonderly seeks to democratize the knowledge and skills that have typically been accessible only to trained professionals. To do this, we identify and develop training materials to ensure that professionals continue to receive the most relevant and effective training available.

Foundations of Mental Health in the Classroom

This course presents the information in a way that is practical and relevant for educators who are supporting students in an educational setting.

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Confronting the Mental Health Crisis in the Classroom

A wealth of data suggests students are experiencing a persistent and pervasive mental health crisis. You as an educator or parent may be asking, “Why is this occurring?” and equally as important what you can do to improve this situation.

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Exploring Mental Health of Autistic Students

This course will provide informative sources for assessment options, intervention strategies for the treatment of anxiety, and suggest accommodations to meet individual needs.

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Who was your favourite teacher growing up?

What made them your favourite? Did you view them as a superhuman? The one with all the answers? A teaching-machine?

What if we told you they were just as stressed and anxious about that upcoming test as you were? Or that they were also experiencing anxiety and depression?

We want to show everyone that teachers are not machines, through the lens of machines themselves. We used @openaidalle to envision “classroom stress” and have been sharing the results to create a better dialogue around teacher mental health.

Do #SundayScaries have you feeling anxious and overwhelmed?

This week we’re stress testing AI by asking it to visualize “classroom stress” and have been sharing them here. The result? Artificial, yet a little too real and identifiable to students and teachers.