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Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is an approach to understanding behaviour and how it’s affected by the environment an individual is in. ABA techniques can help foster basic and complex skills, in order to help individuals with autism live happy and productive lives. 

Whether you’re a parent, educator, customer service representative, or a group home employee, we have various ABA certification course levels available for you to try.

ABA for Educators Level I

Gain an understanding of the theory and principles of ABA principles that can be used in the classroom to increase skill acquisition and independence, and decrease challenging behaviours.

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ABA for Educators Level II: Reinforcement and Prompting

This is for those who have completed the ABA Certificate Course for Educators. Learn to implement individualized and classroom-wide prompting and reinforcement strategies more effectively.  

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Introduction to Autism

Learn several intervention approaches to support individuals on the spectrum experiencing challenges. You’ll gain a general overview of the autism diagnosis, associated characteristics, and common challenges encountered by individuals on the spectrum.

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Autism Intervener Course

Learn how to care for, teach or work alongside an individual on the spectrum. Whether you are a parent, educator, store manager, or a group home employee working with or supporting an individual with ASD, this course will empower you to see autism in a new light.

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