Students & Social Media with Madison Moore

This month, we’re highlighting key points from our Look Ahead with Madison Moore.

Madison Moore is a multifaceted educator and researcher with a profound dedication to understanding and empowering children and youth. Madison holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Children and Youth Studies and a Master's in Education from York University, where she specialized in the innovative use of photography in kindergarten classrooms to enhance socio-emotional skills. Her research showcased the potential of creative arts in fostering emotional growth among young learners. She is currently a PhD candidate at Trent University. 

Madison’s current research seeks to understand how youth use photographic creations to express themselves emotionally. She identifies these observations as:

• Within the images shared on online spaces, a big theme showcased is that youth do not like to share negative feelings or are afraid of sharing negative feelings online.

• Youth like to use aesthetics in their images to evoke emotions in other people.

• Identity is a big part of the images chosen to share online to portray how they feel about themselves or how they want others to perceive them.

Madison also spoke about social media bans or restrictions. She explained that it is okay to set boundaries in classrooms for the usage of cellphones, but complete restriction should not be imposed in schools because:

• It is really difficult to implement complete restrictions in classrooms

• Social media is how youth communicate and interact with each other

• It does not support the digital rights of children 

Digital literacy is an important tool for the right usage of social media in children and youth. Digital literacy means being able to effectively navigate digital technologies in online spaces. Madison explains the importance of teaching children and youth how to use online technologies safely. The conversation includes tips on how to:

• Educate children and youth on how to use technology correctly

• Educate children and youth about internet safety and the potential risks associated with it such as online harassment and bullying

• Talk about the importance of critical thinking to help differentiate between information and misinformation across social media platforms

Speaking with Madison was an insightful experience. In case you missed it, you can find the recorded talk here!