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ADHD in the Classroom: Supporting Student Success

This is false. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a chronic neurodevelopmental disorder that affects approximately 5-9% of children. Our course will help you better understand how ADHD impacts student learning, and shares approaches that help create an ADHD-friendly classroom.

The Impact of Social Media on Student Well-Being

This is a misconception. Students are using social media more than ever before, and the impact on well-being can be seen in the classroom. Our course provides a detailed history of social media, explains how the design of social media effects student well-being, and gives concrete solutions to not only manage the use of social media in the classroom, but also to use it in ways that will improve the well-being of students.


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Foundations of Mental Health in the Classroom

This course provides a foundation for educators to better position themselves to understand their students’ mental health challenges, and to empower themselves to provide compassion and supports using practical resources and techniques in their classroom.

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Autism Intervener Course

In this comprehensive course, you will learn fundamental skills to teach independence and promote successful community and workplace inclusion, while enhancing your understanding of ASD to raise awareness. It will educate and inspire you to intervene to help individuals with autism achieve success and to become an advocate by their side.

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Coping with Anxiety

This course will provide informative sources for assessment options, intervention strategies for the treatment of anxiety, and suggest accommodations to meet individual needs.

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"The workshop was incredibly informative and our team really enjoyed it. We're looking forward to applying the information we've learned about ASD across all of our platforms"

Lindsay Stroks

Outreach Coordinator, CBC Kids

"Participants gained a better understanding of their students' behaviour, learned new strategies to support students in the classroom, and received practical information that they passed along to their colleagues."

Cathy Williams


"Wow! The RTB course material was beyond m wildest dream. I really learned a lot specifically the ethic standards were eye opening to me. It is a great course. "