Collaborating with Caregivers

Dec 13, 2023 @ 02:29 pm

Supporting a student with an Autism diagnosis can be challenging.

Not only is it beneficial to build a positive rapport with the student, a collaborative relationship with caregivers is also very important. You’ll be able to gain critical knowledge of how to best support the student when families feel comfortable sharing information and working as a team with you.

Remember, it takes time to build trust with both students and their caregivers. Increase collaboration with these five tips:

First and foremost, make sure the family knows you consider them the expert on their child, and you welcome and encourage collaboration from the start.

• Ask “what’s been going well for your child at home?” You may be able to solve problems that are occurring in the classroom with this valuable knowledge!

• Ask for updates on any changes in the home. For example, a change in routine or medication. Having knowledge of the event can help you make better decisions on how to support the student in the classroom.

• Immediately communicate with caregivers if you notice significant changes in the student in class. For example, if the student is chronically tired it is valuable for the caregiver to know so they can address sleep at home.

• Support caregivers with clearly communicated instructions for tasks that must be completed at home. Make collaboration with families easier for them as best you can by reducing unnecessary workloads!

To learn more on how to support caregivers of students with Autism, take our Autism Intervener Course today.