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Group purchases for online courses require a minimum of five participants.

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Live Group Training

Live, interactive online webinars or in-person training.
Language: English or French
Format: In-person, webinar

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Live Group Training Details

Type: Webinar or In-class

Duration: 3 hours

This is introductory level training.

Learn about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and how it is experienced by different individuals and families. Learn how to respond effectively by implementing essential support strategies that will promote successful inclusion of autistic individuals in a variety of community settings.

Learning objectives:

• Become familiar with the characteristics of ASD​.

• Understand the strengths and challenges you might observe in an individual with ASD​.

• Become familiar with tips, strategies, and resources for interacting with individuals with ASD​.

• Become familiar with the term “Autism-friendly”.

Intended audience:

This training supports the following roles:

• Recreation staff supporting individuals with ASD in camps, community recreation programs, athletic and recreation clubs, sports programming, etc.

• First responders such as Police officers, Security personnel, Paramedics, etc.

• Medical and dental professionals

• Community and customer service such as Librarian, Customer Service Representative, Retail employee, Public Transportation Staff, Attractions, Hospitality and Tourism.

• Caregivers, support workers, respite providers

Training examples and discussions/activities are adapted to meet individual group needs.